Thursday, April 21, 2005


Yes, I have bloggersblock. Oh well. I shall return when the mood strikes me.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

So, I've got this friend see, and he...

I have this friend who works for a funny bunch. Not funny in the sense that they tell humorous jokes that make my friend laugh, but funny in a way that something just isn’t quite right that leaves Pal-o-mine scratching his head.

He’s a writer with a number of years experience behind him, including a lengthy stint at a decent-sized newspaper. At his office, Pal-o-mine is often asked to write pieces for a variety of audiences – some times it is copy for the company Web site, some times he’s asked to throw together articles for outside publications. Most recently, they asked him to write the nomination of a fellow employee for a major award.

For years, the company has been nominating employees deserving of specific recognition. Each year, they return from the awards ceremony stymied that their own employee didn’t win. Pal-o-mine was asked to write something that would really sway the judges and give the deserving employee a better shot.

When it was completed. The acting big wig in-charge made numerous changes to the article. Not a single one was to correct factual errors, punctuation, spelling, and grammar or tense usage—those were just fine. Rather, the big wig decided he would change the style. Within minutes, the stripped-down nomination had become bland and whitewashed. Since he doesn’t know anything about the editing process, the bigwig asked to see the boring document again. Then, he decided to have another employee without a writing background re-edit the piece because, “the sentences were too long.”

Disgusted, pal-o-mine washed his hands of the whole affair by telling another big wig he wished not to see the final draft before it was sent out.

“It’s going to have the warmth of a hospital floor so I have no interest in seeing it,” Pal-o-mine said. “When it comes time to selecting nominees, this employee will be seen by judges as a faceless, one-dimensional bureaucrat spewing industrial jargon and the same old company line.

“It’s no wonder we never win.”

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Hootie oldschool

The once-famous song "Let her Cry" by Hootie and the Blowfish just finished playing on the radio and I couldn't help but feel ten years older. See, the song was getting some heavy air time ten years ago after the July 2004 release if it's album Cracked Rear View. It's not that it's even a great song because really it isn't, but it sure was popular at the time. I guess it will be showing up on the oldies radio stations any day now. Hootie and his Blowfish pals have sort of gone by the wayside. Although front man Darius Rucker, it seems, is trying to pay his bills by appearing in a Burger King commercial for a large cheeseburger.

Just an observation on my part, nothing special.

The marriage monster

Alright, it's really not that bad. We sort of waited a little too long to do a lot of stuff and we're having to do that now -- a bit of rushing around but it could be a lot worse. We've actually hired wedding planners, hand to God, because we can't get moving fast enough. Already, they've lit a fire under us and things have started to turn the corner. Hotel accomodations have been secured. Email me if you need particulars.